Saturday, September 26, 2009

TG 360 Vote Results

The TG 360 committee meeting at CTW presented the status of the SP0169-2007 vote. The results were on the e-mail. The committee did not get the 66 2/3% they needed to pass on the first ballot! For those of us who did not think it was a good document at this point, this is great news.

As you can see there were not that many voters, but enough to stop the revision as written. The committee will now start over on the document. The same committee will stay together, with maybe a change or two. David McQuilling, who has been very vocal and against the revision and is now a committee member. I think this will be a good thing for a better voice and balance. I am not sure who else will remain or be placed on the committee.

The same voting group will be allowed to vote on the next version, but not new voters. I am not sure at this time if that means if you signed up to vote and did not vote that you can vote on the next ballot. Hopefully, that will be explained later. I thought they would have to start over since it is a new document, but apparently not.

Since they are starting over with the revision (actually adjusting it from the negatives) it will take a while, but they are attempting to get another vote before the end of the year. This means that we must stay alert to this vote and to the changes.

Please be aware that there will be another vote. I will try to keep you informed.

Polyguard hopes this blog site has been a help to those of you who do not have time or an opportunity to make all the meetings to speak your mind. Please feel free to comment as needed on the blog site, because NACE and some of the committee members do pay attention to what is being said.

Thanks for all the help and support,

Richard Norsworthy