Sunday, September 26, 2010

Results of SP0169 vote 9-22-2010

For results of the most recent vote results go to the NACE website under committees, then look for the "On Line Balloting" and click on it. It will ask you for your login information and password. Then the TCC Balloting Home screen will be there. Chose the "Results" and go to page 11. Under the TG 360 be sure to take the one that dated 9-22-2010.

There you can see all the information on how many votes were cast, number and percentages of affirmatives, negatives and abstains. The breakdown of each group and category that voted, etc. This version got 87% affirmative!

Since this version has passed the 66 2/3 needed for it to move forward, now the committee will have to address the negatives and comments. If technical changes are made, then only those sections will have to be reballoted.

Hopefully, this will get the document on the way to being approved. Once approved, the next battle will be the Test method committee and making sure it is all correctly done there! Please stay dilligent and be sure you get on the voting/balloting list for the revision of the test method!

I want to thank all for your support and effort as this document is now moving forward, but is not there yet! We must be sure nothing is slipped in with no one paying attention!

Polyguard has chosen to continue the blog site through out this process.

Thank you,

Richard Norsworthy