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RICHARD'S BACKGROUND Several papers and articles have been published mentioning Polyguard RD-6. In the interest of disclosure, it should be noted that, after the first several papers were published, Polyguard Products hired the author, Richard Norsworthy, as a full time employee.
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Richard Norsworthy
Richard Norsworthy

EDUCATIONBS MATHEMATICS - 1968 - Stephen F. Austin University - Nacogdoches, TX.
12 hours toward Masters Degree in Education - 1985-87 at University of Texas - Tyler.

June 1, 2006 to present – Technical sales for Polyguard Products, Inc. – Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Specialist – NACE International Certified #4037

Assist in product development, testing and training. Providing technical training to potential customers, writing technical papers and presentations on pipeline coatings and corrosion control.
NACE International
NACE instructor for Basic Corrosion and Lead Instructor for Cathodic Protection Tester & Technician Certification Program. Helped to write and teach new course “Coatings Used In Conjunction with Cathodic Protection”. Serve on several NACE technical committees.
April 1, 2005 to May 31, 2006 - TEPSCO – Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Specialist – NACE International Certified #4037
Providing consultation on various corrosion control related subjects to a variety of industries. These services include but are not limited to: Providing expertise on pipeline coating types, specifications, testing, plant qualifications, pre-production meetings, plant and field inspections. Cathodic protection design, testing, troubleshooting and overseeing installations. Providing support for regulatory compliance through writing company corrosion control procedures and regulatory manuals. Provide corrosion control training to all levels of company employees, write training programs and manuals. Provide support for internal corrosion problems.
Major Projects with TEPSCO
Atmos - Updates to Atmos cathodic protection and pipeline coatings programs and procedures. Writing a training program for Atmos CP employees.
ExxonMobil - Evaluating and providing recommendations on external corrosion control program for ExxonMobil US Production in Jay, Florida and South Texas.
Momentum Energy Group - Design CP systems for MEG. Support on a variety of other corrosion control projects.

September of 1996 to March 31, 2005 - Working as an independent consultant.
NACE International instructor.

Providing consultation on various corrosion control related subjects to a variety of industries. Providing expertise on pipeline coating types, specifications, testing, plant qualifications, pre-production meetings, plant and field inspections. Cathodic protection design, testing, troubleshooting and overseeing installations. Providing support for regulatory compliance through writing company corrosion control procedures and regulatory manuals. Provide corrosion control training to all levels of company employees, write training programs and manuals. Provide support for internal corrosion.
Major Projects – Lone Star Corrosion Services
CITGO – Providing technical support, interpretation and overseeing crew doing close interval survey to determine effectiveness of coatings and cathodic protection systems.
Chad-Cameroon Pipeline – ExxonMobil – Provided consulting services for the project. These services include but are not limited to: selection and specification review of girth weld and repair coatings; onsite inspection and training of local inspectors; consulting support and onsite inspection for cathodic protection during construction.
“ eb” Pipe Coating, Inc. - Provided technical support on Amoco Trinidad project; Provided support to the Quality Control Department to write and upgrade all the QC procedures, production procedures and safety procedures; Also wrote job descriptions for QC personnel; Wrote procedures for and performed special testing on a variety of coating samples; Provided support for “eb” to become ISO 9002 certified.

Polyguard Products, Inc. – Provide continuing consultation on pipeline coating products through literature review, new product development, testing of existing and new coating systems, on-site evaluations and presentations. Working on developing high temperature coatings, epoxies for wet surfaces and support other areas of the company, such as waterproofing and corrosion control under insulation.
Expert witness - Expert witness for a company on patent infringement issues. Another involved a CP interference issue and other witness issues.

Chinook, Aloe Bay, Mobile Bay 823, 822 & M-43 Pipeline Projects - Exxon-Mobil Exploration and Production - Providing consultation and specifications for high temperature pipeline coating and anode selection for high temperature pipeline systems in the Mobile Bay area of the Gulf of Mexico and California. Provided support for plant qualification, pre-production meeting and testing, and “in-plant” support, inspection and testing during production. Support during the “on and offshore” construction phases of these projects concerning girth weld coating and coating repairs. Provided anode inspection at anode facility and during application.
Provided support to other ExxonMobil Pipeline FBE coating projects.
High Temperature Pipeline Coating - Exxon (Jay, Florida) - Providing consultation and testing on products to use on in-service pipelines that operate up to 230F. (October 1996 to present)
Mobil Exploration and Production Technical Group (Dallas, TX) - Providing support for test programs of several high temperature pipeline coatings. Tests performed up to 300F internal temperatures.
Providing cathodic protection design and support for several companies on underground storage tanks, pipelines and other systems.

September 1995 to August 1996 - Dallas Regional Manager for Tomar Systems, Inc.
Manage the Dallas Region office. Consultation and design for various corrosion control projects; Contact potential clients; Prepare proposals for various jobs; Provide training, information and materials to others in the company; Oversee installation of cathodic protection systems; Testing and survey of various cathodic protection systems; Making presentations at a variety of events and organizations; Continue to be active on several NACE International committees; Advisory Board for the Corrosion Technology program at Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX.
Major Projects with Tomar Systems, Inc.:
Consulting with Mobil Oil Corp. on projects in Indonesia, Nigeria, Gulf of Mexico and a variety of other projects. July of 96 supported Mobil on three pipeline projects being coated in Europe by providing support during pre-production meetings and coating process, reviewing quality plans, providing guidance for inspectors, inspection during production and interpreting specifications.
Cathodic protection surveys and reports for DFW, HIA, San Antonio and Dallas Love Field airports. Design and install ground-beds at HIA and design ground-beds for DFW to be installed latter. Design and installation of cathodic protection system for 3M Corporation, Little Rock, Arkansas plant.
Prepared and presented a paper at the ASME International Pipeline Conference (Calgary - June 96) on high temperature coatings for pipelines.
Design, install and test cathodic protection systems for several underground storage tanks at service stations.

February 1991 to August 1995 - Corrosion Specialist Mobil Oil Corporation - Dallas, TX
Provided corrosion control expertise for all Mobil Asset Services (Pipelines, Marketing Terminals, Service Stations and Lube Plants) and other Mobil affiliates around the world. Provided assistance and response for regulatory audits. Wrote, updated and interpreted regulatory manuals and company policy for corrosion control concerns. Assisted legal department on corrosion related matters. Wrote and revised specifications for pipeline coatings, cathodic protection and internal corrosion control activities. Performed coating inspections during plant and field applications; Wrote, implemented and evaluated coating tests for pipeline coatings; Provided support, training and training manuals in each area of corrosion control for Corrosion Technicians, Engineers and others.
Major Mobil Oil Projects:
Corrosion Control Training of Mobil Personnel:
Designed and presented various training sessions covering basic and advanced corrosion mitigation principals to technicians, engineers and field locations. Provided annual training program for field corrosion technicians.

Cook Inlet Pipeline Company:
Corrosion control inspections and surveys of offshore loading platform, on shore pipelines and storage tanks. Design and installation of cathodic protection for the tanks, pipelines and offshore platform. Inspection the offshore platform for coating damage and repairs. Helped select coating systems for internal and external surfaces of the above ground storage tanks.

Test for Pipeline Repair and Rehabilitation Coatings:
Developed and implemented a test program for determining the best pipeline coatings for repair and rehabilitation. This testing program was done at no cost to Mobil. Approximately 40 coatings were tested and evaluated.

Co-op Program for Asset Services:
Responsible for guiding and training college Co-op students participating in the program.

Internal Corrosion/ Bacteria Control Program for Crude and Products Pipelines:
Worked with field corrosion technicians to develop a program to control internal corrosion and bacteria in pipelines and tanks.

Mobil Oil Indonesia:
Consulted on several different pipeline projects for Mobil Oil Indonesia. Provided coating specifications, inspection and testing for several projects. Most recent was the South Lhox Sukon Pipeline Project, which required coating pipe that will operate at 250F (Stainless steel, clad steel pipe, field joints and bends).

Mobile Bay Project - USA:
Provided specifications for two and three layer coatings for clad pipe that will operate up to 300F. This coating allows for savings of several millions of dollars on these projects because coolers are not needed on the well heads.

Technical Exchange Meeting (1994) - Saudi ARAMCO:
Attended conference and presented paper on high temperature pipeline coatings.

Shareholder’s Meeting - ADCO (ABU DHABI):
Provided technical support for the Mobil Representative during discussions and presentations on repair/ replacement of the Main Oil Lines. Reviewed and commented on all aspects of corrosion control for the project.

Thammama “F” and “C Project - ADCO:
Provided technical support on coatings by touring pipe coating facilities in Europe and Abu Dhabi and provided comments on other coating plants around the world. Helped write specifications for three layer coating system for line pipe, bends and field joints. Wrote inspection guidelines and qualifications for coating inspectors for the plant and field. Reviewed and commented on cathodic protection proposals.

Other Coating Projects for Mobil:
Worked on several projects in USA, Nigeria and the North Sea. Pipe coating specifications, inspection and testing in several coating plants in the USA, Malaysia, France and Scotland.

1988 to 1991 - AMOCO Pipeline Company
Provided technical support, training and consultation to corrosion technicians, engineers and field personnel with Amoco Pipeline Company. Helped to write the Amoco Pipeline Corrosion Control Procedure manual.

1984 to 1988 - Kilgore College
Corrosion Technology Instructor for all corrosion control courses (Basic, Internal, Cathodic Protection and Coatings). Consulted and provided training for a variety of companies.

1980 to 1984 - Tenneco (Channel Industries Gas Company)
Corrosion Control and Nondestructive Testing Technician.

1979 to 1980 - Kirby Forest Industries.
Plywood Manufacturing - supervisor and quality control.

1968 to 1979 - School teacher, coach and bus driver.
(Worked five summers for Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company)

NACE International - Certified Corrosion Specialist (#4037) and member since 1980. Trustee and past Chairman of the North TX section
Active on several committees, some of which are:
several (Underground Corrosion) committees.
several (Coatings/Painting) committees.

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Richard has made many other presentations on a variety of cathodic protection and coating topics. Designed and taught many corrosion control classes for various groups.
Presently oversee the blog which discusses the issues with various external corrosion control methods described in the NACE International SP0169 (formerly RP0169).