Monday, March 26, 2012

SP0169 Revision Notice

I just wanted to make a quick report on CORROSION 2012 for those of you could not be there or attend the TG 360 committee.
It was a great conference in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.  NACE International did a very good job with the conference and the weather was great!  Make plans for CORROSION 2013 in Orlando, FL.
The TG 360 committee had a meeting on Tuesday morning to update everyone on the status of the last revision of the SP0169.  Basically, the document is awaiting the approval of the Board-of Directors in June.  The problem is that there were four appeals that had to be reviewed by the TCC to determine if they were valid or not.   This delayed the opportunity for the BOD to have the chance to for approval.  Appeals can still be presented to BOD, so there is still some chance these appeals can delay the process further if the BOD, decides the appeals are valid.
The appeals can only be procedural, not technical.  The appeals we made by Bob Gummow, James Bushman, Joseph Mataich and Bill Lowry.  Section 12 of the NACE International Technical Committee Publications Manual describes the appeals process, in which persons who have directly and materially affected interest and who have been or may be adversely affected by a substantive or procedural action or inaction of NACE have the right to appeal.   A summary of the appeals is being prepared because some of them are very lengthy, and NACE will probably share the summary at some point (according to Daniela).
I am not sure when Draft #4c will be posted on the NACE International website.  Jim Chmlir (chairman of the 360 committee) said it will be posted with the minutes of the meeting.  I did get a hard copy at the meeting.  There are some changes from the version that was voted on last summer, but the TCC said all changes were editorial only, so no re-ballot at this time!
TEG 463X
The TEG 463X, titled "Cathodic Protection Shielding and Root Causes of External Corrosion of Cathodically Protected Pipelines" was very well attended!  Thanks to Frank Song and Joe Pikas for chairing the committee. There were close to 100 folks present and we had to bring in several extra chairs and we still had some standing.  This only points out the importance of this issue! 
Joe Pikas provided a very good presentation called “Typical Coating Characteristics” that provided information about various properties that a good pipeline coating should have.   You can contact Joe at   I also made a presentation on pipeline shielding problems.   We will post this presentation on the website soon.
As expected there was some controversy, especially when the Canusa representative made a presentation that basically was a direct attack on Polyguard’s RD-6 (which we have already seen).  But the worst issue was that he presented data from the recent GTI testing that was not to be presented without permission from GTI.  The GTI part of the presentation was not approved by the chair or vice-chair of the group.  Mr. Bob Buchanan made the presentation and did not leave a full copy with the chair.
I am still very concerned about the effort by some in NACE that are still promoting the idea that NACE standards be adopted by ISO.  There are still MANY questions that have not been answered.  I will be sending more information on this at a later date.  I was able to discuss this with many different folks while at CORROSION 2012.   Many of these were international or worked on international projects.  They have many concerns about this process that will be offered later.  The more I hear, the less I like it. 
I will provide more comment later.  We as NACE International “The Corrosion Society” need to make sure we kept it that way.  ISO is not a corrosion only organization so I am in favor of NACE working with them to develop standards, but not allow our standards becoming ISO/NACE since we lose nearly all control of revisions.  I will keep you posted on any further information.
We had standing room only (some were turned away) for our presentation with Rosen –
 Importance of Locating Disbonded Coatings with Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer Technology”
You can find a copy of it on the NACE website.  The paper number is C2012-0001673.  It proves the importance of this topic and issues surrounding it.
We are finally getting more companies paying attention to the fact that this is a critical issue for the pipeline industry.

There will be a symposium call "Pipe Coatings, Corrosion Control, and Cathodic Protection Shielding".  This symposium will be a great opportunity to bring more light to this problem from all around the world.  Please provide an abstract by the required deadline if you have some case histories, testing or other relevant information concerning CP shielding pipeline coatings or good experiences with coatings that are non-shielding to CP when disbondments occur.  There were many questions and discussion of three layer coatings and how much corrosion or SCC has been found under the three layer coatings coated in the last 20 years or so.
There will also be another TEG similar to the one held this year with emphasis on the CP shielding problems end users are seeing on pipelines that are coated and cathodically protected when the coating disbonds and water migrates between the coating and the pipe.  This TEG is titled "Cathodic Protection Shielding and Root Causes of External Corrosion of Cathodically Protected Pipelines".
I want to thank everyone for a great response to our booth at CORROSION 2012.  We had many international folks come by.  This is very exciting time as we get more and more companies involved in the idea that there are options in pipeline coatings that have been proven to allow CP to work even when coating disbond and water migrates between the coating and the pipe.  Some coating types have been well documented to be CP shielding when disbondments occur.  As mentioned above, there will be a couple of great opportunities to make presentations next year at CORROSION 2013.
Let me know if I can help with any of the above topics or any other way in the future!
Richard Norsworthy
Polyguard Products, Inc.

March 26, 2012