Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Link to SCC and CP report

Below is a link to a very good report that gives great information on the potential problems with stress corrosion cracking and cathodic protection levels on higher strength steels. This has been a real concern of some in the industry as we move to more negative potentials to acheive criteria as in the polarized -850 mV criterion.

The move is toward higher strength steels because of the cost difference in weight and shipping. The problem is the higher strength steel can become embrittled and potentially crack when introduced to high levels of hydrogen.

The link for this site is:


If this document is not referenced in the SP0169, it should be as a cautionary statement.

At this time, I have not heard from the committee on their progress. Hopefully, we will see the newest revision out for re-ballot soon. If so, we are all hopeful it is a version that we can vote affirmative!

If any of you have something to add to the blog that will help others to learn, please e-mail it to me. This has been a great source for learning and distributing information on this very critical document.

If there is any way I can help, please let me know. Thanks for all the help and support through these years of the SP0169 battle.