Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The letter information below was sent from Tom Weber, TCC Chair. This is a cut and paste copy so please refer to the original letter if possible for all those involved in the process. I think it is important to keep everyone informed on the critical standard and since many of you are not on the voting list, you may not have received this information. Richard Norsworthy August 7, 2013 Dear Members of the Voting Pool for TG 360’s Proposed Revision to NACE SP0169, We have received the report from the Arbitration Board (AB) appointed to review the appeals on the proposed revision to SP0169-2007: The AB concluded that NACE technical committee procedures were properly followed through the revision, balloting, and appeals process. The AB included some recommendations following its conclusions in the report, and the TCC is reviewing these and will address them as appropriate through the proper NACE committees. Thank you for your participation and your patience through this process. Sincerely, Tom Weber TCC Chair

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